7 Holistic Ways to Stay Healthy During This Second Lockdown

4 min readNov 20, 2020

With another lockdown comes new challenges, particularly as the nights draw in and our worlds feel smaller.

At tested.me, we’re big believers in holistic health. Here, we’re sharing seven practical things you can do for your mental and physical health during this time. We’re here if you need us.

Create new ways to virtually connect

If our first lockdown was about virtual quizzes and House Party, let this lockdown be about new, inventive activities where video is optional (Zoom fatigue is real).

Granted, you may not want to have another quiz, but can you initiate a book or podcast club? With Christmas cheer in the air, why not arrange a virtual carol ceremony or even a card-making session so you can do something crafty together?

It’s ok to be sad about the traditions we may miss this year, while creating new ones.

Focus on the things you can control

It’s no secret that the news has never been more exhausting. With Covid-19 figures becoming a daily fixture in all of our lives, it’s completely normal to feel anxious. You’re not alone in your worry. Promise.

Our advice is to focus on the things you can control and try and reduce your focus on the things you can’t. One exercise that helps is to visually imagine yourself drawing a line between the things that are and aren’t in your control. You can also journal and make lists of what you have control over right now. Put simply, pay attention to what you pay attention to.

Try Headspace’s free meditations, movement & sleep exercises

From crisis comes care. One example of a company that genuinely cares is Headspace. They’ve launched a section of their app called Weather the Storm — it’s free for everyone and includes meditations, sleep and movement exercises that help, however you’re feeling.

Plus, if you’re a teacher or healthcare worker, Headspace is offering a free subscription to their premium app and all of its meditations. It’s an ideal way to find some space and kindness for yourself and those around you.

Prioritise joy — it isn’t escapism, it’s essential

What does joy look like to you? It may be taking a long bath (or two!) a day, watching your favourite show on repeat, or cooking something delicious.

However joy shows up for you, make it a priority. During this time, your favourite way to spend time isn’t escapism, it’s essential. Be intentional about being kind to yourself.

Take your mind for a walk

We’ve all been there — your day gets busy, the weather gets bad and before you know it it’s dark at 4pm and you haven’t been outside. (No? Just us?)

As difficult as it can feel at times, even going for a 10-minute walk can support your sleep and reduce your stress levels. Plus, vitamin D is particularly important during this time. Why not intentionally block out a quick meeting each day in your calendar for your allocated exercise?

Pro tip: an accountability partner to check in on your daily exercise works wonders.

Communicate openly with your colleagues

If you’re currently working, communicating well with your colleagues has never been more important. Asking how someone’s feeling and actively listening to the answer can make both you and your coworkers feel more connected.

At tested.me, we’ve been working on new app features that allow you to let your team know how you’re feeling at the press of a button. This will not only save you time, but ensure your team knows when they need to support you a bit more. Our customers have shared it’s been a really useful way of checking in with themselves each day.

Remind yourself that this too shall pass

Take a deep breath, right now, and remind yourself that you’re doing just fine. It’s ok to not be “handling” this very well because there’s no blueprint for handling a pandemic.

Above all, remember that hope really is on its way. This too shall pass and we have an end in sight. In the meantime, take a moment to revel in the strengths you’ve gained this year: resilience, grit and patience (so much patience). What if you view 2020 as the year you really got to know your own strength?