Everything You Need to Know About How Contact Tracing Works

Contact tracing is the newest measure that has been introduced by the government to attempt to hault the spread of Covid-19 in the UK. Consequentially, when the hospitality industry reopened on the 4th of July, each establishment has been asked to collect contact details for their guests in order to assist tracing Covid-19 cases.

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How does contact tracing work in England?

When an individual contracts Covid-19 and begins to display symptoms, it is recommended that they get an Antigen test to confirm if they have Covid-19. If their test is positive then the individual will be contacted by an NHS contact tracer and asked for some personal details, such as date of birth and name. Additionally, the individual will be asked to provide contact details for individuals they have recently had close contact with and places they have been. The intention is that isolating those who have had close contact with an individual with Covid-19 will prevent clusters or localised outbreaks, which has been successful in New Zealand.

Diagram of the test and trace process
Diagram of the test and trace process

What is required from those in the Hospitality Industry?

As part of restaurants, bars and pubs being allowed to reopen, they were asked to to assist with the track and trace efforts by collecting information from customers. This information, if needed, can be used to determine who was in the premises when a Covid-19 positive individual was present. Therefore, venues have been asked to:

  • Collect name and contact details for at least on member of each group entering the premises. Preferably having details for each individual.
  • Record time of arrival and departure of each group.
  • Store this data, in line with GDPR, for 21 days.

How can help?

To assist venues with collecting and storing contact details of their customers, has created a Customer Registration System, . The Customer Registration System will help pubs and restaurants efficiently collect the details of their customers, enabling them to spend more time on welcoming back and serving their customers. The process is easy and stress-free; the venue registers their details at and is sent their own unique Me symbol. The venue can then display this symbol at entrances or at the bar where customers can then scan the symbol using their phone camera and enter their contact details. Using their business dashboard, each venue can see their customer’s details, and if needed download the details to assist with track and trace.

If you’re a venue who is interested in learning more about the Customer Registration Solution, visit .