How Can Help You Get Back to Work and Life

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From kitchen table to prototype in eight weeks

Our story began, like many great businesses, around the kitchen table. We were inspired by our conversations with a family member who runs an electrical business and the problems he was facing. What if we could create an app to help people get back to work, safely and responsibly?

That’s when we started researching.

Data shows 81% of adults expect Coronavirus to disrupt their lives for longer than six months.

Society may be slowly starting to remerge and rebuild, but many of us still feel unsafe outside of our homes. We remain worried about the impact of Coronavirus on our lives, especially our freedom, independence and ability to make plans.

At, we believe in restarting our economy and helping each of us to feel more confident in our communities. That’s where we started and that’s the driving purpose behind our business.

How can help you

Consider us your digital partner in the pandemic. Powered by AI and biometric identification tools, our app is your passport to returning to your personal and professional life safely and responsibly.

Our mission is to put control back into the hands of individuals and businesses.

If you’re an individual, our technology enables you to verify and share your COVID-19 health status with whomever you want to, when you want to. Our aim is to enable you to safely reintegrate into society, whether that means having a haircut, getting a coffee or seeing loved ones again. If you’re a business, helps you ensure that your customers and employees are COVID-19 negative, keeping your premises safe. You can track who’s been in your building and verify business-critical visitor and employee health data all in one place.

As entrepreneurs and operations professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of footfall. As parents, we also understand how much it means to have peace of mind. Our role is to combine both, facilitating ‘the new normal’ through an easy-to-use app that’s built with your needs in mind. Sign up to learn more, today.

Our commitment to you

We’ve built upon trust, knowledge and optimism.

We’re here to help you adapt to the ‘new’ normal. That’s a big responsibility, so we know how important it is that you can trust us with your personal data. That’s why any data you provide to remains completely in your control. It belongs to you.

Additionally, we secure your data with the strongest encryption available, and we’ll keep you aware of how and when your data is used.

Your trust is as important to us as your health and happiness is to you.

Ready to get started? Sign up to hear more and claim your digital health profile with a symbol that’s as unique as you are.


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