Smartphone app, helps power Lakefest 2021 and encourage a safe return to events
3 min readAug 10, 2021

Family-friendly music festival, Lakefest 2021, is set for return 12th-15th August in picturesque Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Herefordshire. Powered by smartphone app and management dashboard,, the digital health pass will help attendees safely enjoy four days of music, entertainment, and activities.

A ‘Tech for Good’ product and platform, enables individuals to enter their test results or vaccination status, store it securely and share it confidentially with event managers and operators.

As the UK economy exits lockdown, safety and security remains paramount as the public begin to gather in large crowds once again. As the event industry continues its search for solutions that will allow for safe operation and encourage a confident return for all those involved, the technology helps to pull through the summary status each individual has chosen to share, into a confidential and easy-to-use dashboard.

This allows an event manager to receive an automated and verified real-time overview of the health status of mass attendees, allowing for operators to focus on the many other aspects of coordinating an event. The technology also enables organisers to significantly reduce the administrative burden that has been placed on the event industry as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the impact that has made on Lakefest 2021, Event Owner, Lee Martin said:

“Lakefest is incredibly fortunate to have partnered with, allowing attendees to feel secure in their return to live music and events. From our very first conversation, has advised and executed on their plans to allow approximately 15,000 attendees into the Lakefest event, making a very difficult time for event organisers feel streamlined and comfortable.”

Supporting businesses and venues across the UK and around the world, was initially used in pubs and restaurants in Bristol as early as July 2020 to allow people to check in to venues in a GDPR-compliant manner.

The use of enables individuals to register their attendance, safe in the knowledge that all those attending a venue had done the same and that their health status had been approved. is currently implemented across over 700 registered businesses across numerous sectors, while spanning three continents.

“With the UK public excited to return to a sense of normality and getting back to doing the things they love like attending music festivals, Covid health and safety protocols must still remain a focus for businesses and event organisers”, said CEO of, Simon Osman.

“It is critical that the return to events does not come at the detriment of people’s health, and that we remain committed to ensuring that all those who attend events are able to feel confident in knowing that people standing next to them have gone through the correct process of confirming their health status.”


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Notes to editors:

About is a digital health verification platform which allows an individual to record COVID-19 tests results, vaccinations, and other health data such as their temperature, and share it securely and confidentially with their employer, or a hospitality, entertainment venue or travel hub they wish to enter. This gives employees, employers, managers of venues and visitors the confidence that everyone there has taken appropriate health precautions. is using technology for good, putting individuals in control, allowing them to share their data when and how they wish.

The app can be linked to a dashboard giving an employer or venue manager a real-time overview of the health status of everyone in the location, using information shared voluntarily and securely by individuals. The platform also connects to test manufacturers, providers and ecommerce platforms to provide end to end solutions. has been successfully implemented in over 600 business across the globe and with more than 300,000 individual users so far.

By using the same industry-standard identity verification and data security measures as your online bank, ensures personal data stored on the app stays personal to that individual and is only shared when and how they decide to do so.’s founders want to help the world recover from COVID-19 by allowing people to work, socialise and travel safely together again.