Tested.me — On the journey to B Corps

Tested.me has now submitted to officially register as a B Corp. To become a B Corp business, you must adhere to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance your profit made and purpose. At tested.me we believe good business is more than profit.

We want to join other change-making businesses in redefining success to help build a more inclusive, secure and stable economy in a post pandemic world.

Having been able to use tested.me as a solution to help to facilitate the reopening of society during the Covid-19 pandemic and getting people back to doing what they love, we felt becoming a B Corp was the next natural step and reinforces our values as a business. As the B Corp say, ‘Society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by government and non-profits alone’. By working together to harness the power of business as a force for good, we want to see a positive impact for everyone, including our employees and the communities around them.

The public are now more invested than ever, about the ethics and purpose behind businesses. We were founded on a goal to help individuals own and harness the power of their health data and to have control over who they share that with. It is this vision, balanced with a want to strive to do something that makes a real difference, that will positively impact our community and in turn help others. This certification will challenge us to continuously improve as we evolve as a business.




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