The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Education

Staff Absence

Since teaching returned to the classroom in September, schools have struggled with teacher absences as a result of regular self-isolation periods. For some schools this has caused havoc as teachers isolated, in some cases, several times per half term.

Covid-19 testing

In December, the government announced that students and staff would be tested when returning to school, initially planned for January although now hoped to be on the 8th of March 2021.

Unweighted estimates of those in teaching, key worker and other occupations testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) on nose and throat swabs (2nd September 2020–16th October 2020, England)

Changing role requirements for teachers

The role of a teacher naturally changes and adapts over time, however since Spring 2020 the role of teachers has been changing frequently. Since March 2020, there have been several periods of time, including now, when many teachers have had to work from home.

Mental health impact of Covid-19

The mental health impact of Covid-19 has been widely discussed, and teachers and pupils are certainly amongst those who have been largely impacted.

How can help

The solution which has developed, can help teachers and schools overcome several issues that they are currently facing.



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