What is happening to our immunity?

People with natural immunity showed 71% less likely to contract it for a second time. Compared to Pfizer which reduces the rate of contracting Covid-19 to 73% and AstraZeneca to 62%.

While the level of antibodies present in someone who has been fully inoculated versus someone who has had Covid-19 are similar, the immune response of the body is a lot more consistent in those who have had the vaccine, additionally, it is thought that the immune response of someone who has had the virus could be linked with how severely they have Covid-19.

Since the Summer of 2021, over 90% of the population in the UK has had Covid-19 antibodies either from natural infection or receiving the vaccine.

This should mean that case numbers are remaining low, however, because the immunity from both natural infection and the vaccines wanes over time, case numbers are currently spiking. In Israel, which originally led the world in terms of the percentage of their population who were vaccinated, the spike in cases was said to be due to falling protection from the jab. Reassuringly, their cases levelled off once a high enough number of their elderly population were administered a booster dose of the vaccine.



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